Project Results


Below you can find various documents, datasets, code, and media related with the project.

Peer-reviewed publications

Open-access peer reviewed publications of the ZARATHUSTRA project will appear here as soon as they are released. In the meanwhile, you can browse Mario Merino‘s and EP2‘s research group previous publications.

  1. Mario Merino, Judit Nuez and Eduardo Ahedo (2021): “Fluid-kinetic model of a propulsive magnetic nozzle“. Plasma Sources Science and Technology.

Talks and conferences

Talks related will the project and presentations at international conferences by the ZARATHUSTRA team.

  1. M. Merino, ERC Starting Grant ZARATHUSTRA, Invited talk at Seminar Series on Aerospace Science and Technology, organized by the PhD in Aerospace program at UC3M (2021-03-23). Video and more information in this link
  2. M. Merino, Descubre el futuro de los cohetes de plasma para viajar por el espacio, La Noche Europea de los Investigadores e Investigadoras de Madrid 2021
  3. B. Célian; M. Merino, Descubre el futuro de los motores espaciales de plasma. Workshop at Semana de la Ciencia y la Innovación (2021)
  4. M. Merino. Zarathustra: Revolutionizing Advanced Electrodeless Plasma Thrusters for Space Transportation. Seminar at UC3M Physics Department (2021)
  5. M. Merino, J. Navarro, C. Boyé, P. Jiménez, M. Inchingolo, J. Zhou, and E. Ahedo. Radiofrequency Plasma Heating for Electrodeless Space Thruster Applications. IMPI’s 56 th Annual Microwave Power Symposium (IMPI 56) (2022)
  6. M. Merino, D. García-Lahuerta, C. Boyé, J. Navarro-Cavallé, E. Ahedo. Preliminary model of the plasma expansion in a magnetic archthruster (and overview of the first prototype). 37th International Electric Propulsion Conference Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA June 19-23 (2022)


Downloadable, reusable, and citable datasets from simulations and experiments will appear here as soon as they are available.

  1. Mario Merino, Judit Nuez, & Eduardo Ahedo. (2021). Data from: Fluid-kinetic model of a propulsive magnetic nozzle [Data set]. In Plasma Sources Science and Technology (1.0.0). Zenodo.


BSc, MSc and PhD theses carried out in the context of Project ZARATHUSTRA

  1. C. Puerto-Sánchez, Non-linear Data Analysis applied to Plasma Space Propulsion, Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering thesis, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2021

Training sessions

The team regularly holds internal training sessions on different topics, such as space propulsion, plasma physics, mathematics, mechanics, electronics, computer science, and working with computers in the lab. They are released to the public in the hope that they are useful to other people as well.

Numerical codes

The codes developed in the project will be integrated in the GitHub page of the EP2 research group.

Other relevant works

These are documents that predate the project, but of special relevance for its scientific goals.

  1. M. Merino, Motor espacial de plasma sin electrodos con geometría en U“, Spanish Patent Office, PCT patent ES2733773 (2019).
  2. M. Merino and E. Ahedo, Sistema sin partes móviles ni electrodos y procedimiento para vectorizar el empuje en motores espaciales de plasma, Spanish Patent Office, PCT patent ES2540167 (2013).
  3. E. Ahedo and M. Merino, Two-dimensional supersonic plasma acceleration in a magnetic nozzlePhysics of Plasmas 17, 073501 (2010).