Join us! Two PhD positions are currently open

The ZARATHUSTRA team is inviting you to join our team. Apply until June 30 2024 for one of our open PhD positions to become part of our young, dynamic, and collaborative team in Madrid. We particularly welcome applications from women and other under-represented groups.

Position ref. ZARATHUSTRA-D6

Your PhD thesis will consist in developing electromagnetic and kinetic models and numerical codes to simulate and understand the physics of electrodeless plasma thrusters, and identify optimal configurations.

Position ref. ZARATHUSTRA-D7

Your PhD thesis will consist in the experimental development and characterization of electrodeless plasma thrusters with magnetized plasma expansions.


We are seeking candidates for both positions who possess critical and creative thinking, teamwork and communication skills, and who can proactively take on scientific and engineering challenges. The ideal scientific background for these positions includes Aerospace Engineering, Plasma Physics, Fluid Dynamics, or Electromagnetism. In addition, position D6 is more suitable for someone with a background in Scientific Computing, while position D7 is better suited to someone with previous design or laboratory experience.

If you or someone you know are interested, you can find more information on the positions and how to apply here and here.

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